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Do you Have a Car to sell or rent??

Please send us your car information as fill items which below mentioned, or send us email by "" then will posting on our website for free!


Car Posting Request
  1. Seller's Phone No.
  2. Seller's Email Address
  3. Car Price
  4. Car Brand ex.Toyota or Hyundai
  5. Car Model ex.Vitz or Corolla
  6. Engine Size ex.1100CC
  7. Year of Model ex.2001
  8. Engine Type ex. Benzine or Diesel
  9. Transmission ex. Automatic or Manual
  10. Seller Type ex. Owner or Broker
  11. Location ex. Addis Ababa or Oromia
  12. Detail Description ex. No Accedent or AC or Bluetooth Audio and so on...
  13. Upload Photo1
  14. Upload Photo2
  15. Upload Photo3
  16. Upload Photo4

[Are you sure about filled up all of the items?]

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